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Warspear Test-Server

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I thought signs were around 500 too, so what's the problem?

Anyway, why the hell is test server so unstable xD


I agree on signs. They give huge bonuses from +0 to +10, so having it for a high price it's fine.


But really, 500 coins is way more than a set of signs... i should think that a +0 could easily rape my character just by using relics? :facepalm:

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what does a set sign add? Both have same prices. I believe relics are even better than a sign set especially after +5.

So why did you say signs are good with this price since they give a huge difference between +0-10.

You can buy at relics with gold or even farm them too btw.

Might be you are right bro, but I was kinda shocked when I heard it...


Unique ones can be farmed as well, I hope they give good bonuses as well :good:

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(remember click "like" in the right side ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------there


not sure if it works

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