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[2016.09.21] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview №2

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Yeah, maybe because testing is not actually supposed to be fun? For example, if the goal is to test the work of relics: there are 500mc and there are relics costing 1mc each, and that's everything that is needed. If you give players infinite resources, they'll just start doing random stuff like amplifying weapons, but what needs to be tested won't be properly tested.

You have to admit that testing properly is actually pretty difficult without having the proper equipment and resources for it. You don't want feedback from some weak guys while you actually created the update for the high amped. Those games give infinite resources to (1) give opportunity to everyone equally try the features of the game. Even if it is the new update or not. (2) Make the problems of getting certain stuff disappear.

I did not talk about this update, but in general by the way.

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I thought mage is gonna be better in pvp atleast during the test and should be after update.. but since this update will buff up all classes, not just mage, with new skill and op relic, i think mage would be just the same. Obviously the new skill is more to pvp but aint any players would use negative effect skill when they see obvious green surrounded the mage. well atleast Sun Armour is now affect physical defense too with increase by 8% at 5/5 on both physical and magic defense. and change Overload to Passive.


Right, not really moving from bottom rank but seems like they're going in the right direction. From what i've seen most of these changes were suggested by players once before so they're taking advise. Few changes are a bit questionable though, like changing blinding fire into a direct targeting skill. Now that it only damages the players around the target player(dealing no damage to the target itself) i was assuming that the blind effect would actually 'bline' opponents to counteract that weird change.


Take blazing ground as a comparason: Blazing ground has over half the cooldown time, costs nearly half the mana to cast, its ticks deal more damage added together, slows down enemies significantly and can be placed anywhere within a 5 yard radius.


Not to mention if your opponents know you use blinding fire all they have to do is keep 3 yards away from eachother to render the skill almost useless. The updated skill description didn't mention the opponent's accuracy being reduced to 0. It feels like a nerf however you look at it.

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Elusive threat too op if it's not resisted by mobs, especially mobs that have high hp like elite mobs and bosses. It's still working on mobs but with high chance  being resisted, except bosses they always resist elusive. It's PVP skill.

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i am waiting for someone post complain about priest skills.


and can somebody answer me why "Elusive Threat" has 99% resist on monsters? even jerboa resist that skill.

Because before devs changed it so that mobs resist it, it melted 500k hp bosses in seconds. 

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Amplify x Enchant skills


1 - what is the difference between them? the "+" and "-" mean only if the effect is positive or negative, or it has something to do with aplification? If so, do these relics aplify other relics of same type? does them appear on my relics board or not ? 


situation 1(skill test: Ball Lightning) : I try to add "Relic of Indominateble Blow" and "Relic of Punishing Ability", It says I cant applify a skill with 2 relics of one type and ask me If I want replace. And first relic was replaced by second relic, but the Info says the name of the first one. The same I try with "Relic of Magic Poison" x "Relic of Overwhelming Ability", but this time, when I try to replace, nothing happens. 


situation 2 (skill test: Earth Protection): I try add/replace "Relic of Immunity" by "Relic of Will Power" but seems I'm not able to do, only "amplify skill"(?) and despite being of the same type, It says they work together, theoretically


2- What do you mean by "And enhancing a skill with a relic has a 100% chance of success. "? does it work like crystals and runes system? How can I get 100% chance of success? skill 5/5 = 100% chance? 


3 - "the number relic types that may be used on a skill, thus it may vary from 2 to 4." How to use 4 slots if there are only 3 types of relics at market and I'm able to use only 2 types of rare relics into each skill? Are the 3rd and 4th space for unique relics?





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