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How long can I survive - 20 minutes of nothing at Kamp-Gasphel

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This is a video I thought would be interesting to show you.

It isn't a professional one, because I made it on my phone. Entirely.


Nowadays you can get to Kamp-Gasphel with meeting noone, even if you choose to walk on the road, as I did. And there is noone in the city as well. Except some low level guys, who are not really enemies for me.


I appreciate any feedback.



Excuse me for my English, recorded the sound in one piece, and well...

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I went back with a friend yesterday, the whole city was empty, we were standing at their respawn statue for half an hour, killed all NPCs and noone came...

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Come and try that at EU :D

I actually recorded this on EU :D

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Everyone's at KR or avondil XD


And that poor ranger can back so many times and ran back due to that scarecrow in the way

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