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ReBorn recruiting! :3 (lvl 5 guild, MC-side, Eu-server)

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Hey! :)  our guild (ReBorn) is recruiting active players to our friendly guild, we are pretty active guild which been many times in top 10# weekly guild tours, even without guild pots or stams  ;D  we have there 3/3 all passive skills (sept guild energy, 2/3) and active skills xp 2/3 arena 3/3 invisiblity 2/3.. (theres some rules for use them) 500gp for week is required, (pretty easy, few quests and log every day). We help each other in guild if needs help ;) our guild chat is also always active, not necessary to talk there but u will miss good jokes :P Feel welcome to ask for join in game or here :) we tour always on double gp event, if u r interested pm lyzois, xmasteer or wcduckk for join in game, or pm to any heir you see in the below list.






    Mclock         wcduckk        Holyhot       Peachstun                         


     Lyzois       Vrillon           Nakoual       Jopetank


    Buchbinder     Jopenecro    Toshiriel  Dutchguard


     Peachstun     Totobarb       Holoff     Uwltoamym  


     Vrilldk            Marielx      Kgrashamy Uwltoamym




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(unofficial topic-bump) ReBorn recruiting any active players with Ayvondil quests/irselnort (BG-tower)/Kronus DG/event DG spammers :)  minimum 750gp-1k gp/week, welcome :)! tbh level doesnt matter, just the activity, so if youre new in game but active, its ok you r welcome ;)

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Hi! I'm a lvl 14 rogue.. im an active player, i would like to join because i need some people to talk to in game.. and might need help with boss quests.. may i join your guild?


Yeah but maybe need to wait week till tour is over.. then we got slots :blush:

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