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[2016.07.28] Meet new administrator!

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R0land.. Thanks, for the dk skill fix... Even if you didn't reply on pm xD

Even if i did seem like the biggest prick on forums, i kid :3 bird knows...

Hope for your best wherever thou art going... And yes bd still op :P

which skill? :omg:
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How nice is from Roland he named this topic "Meet new administrator". If I was him, I would have written "I QUIT BEING AN ADMIN" and maybe at the end I would have mentioned "oh and here's a girl replacing me. Bye."


BD is op

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Welcome Darla *hi*


I will be missing you Mr. R0land :) Keep up the good work AIGRIND and hope you guys can hear/read my suggestion please cause actually im getting hard and not satisfied in some problems like on chat of Samsung Galaxy Y. i cant see what im chatting and i most like the chat in trade chat that i can link many items in chat. please read my suggestions :(


-Greetings from yours truly,

--Rapagilaz-- (Eu - Emerald)

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ahahahahah ,no no no leblanco


we will miss you r0land   :cray:


Welcome! :)


snorlaxxxx ! :D

bb rolAnt

dead king :))


Welcome Daria !

 Long Live New Queen  Daria!  :]

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You know it's not a quite lovely welcome if every second person tells her "BD is op" :fool:

Bd is hyper op Thats why btw grats on achievement julie when are you gona start talking to me again you know im ur favorite cutie :blush:  :blush:  :blush:  :give_rose:

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