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[2016.07.27] Warspear Online 6.0 «Engineer’s Madness» update. Release

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+6? You gotta be kidding right?

Yes and no.


Yes im kidding, for healers with +6 equipments can do the new dg or at least 440+ magic damage. Because most of the time they only have to do is healing tanker/damager, focus to the party member.


No I'm not kidding, BB +6 tanker who can't amp their equipment or can't even buy a signs. U have to farm more or buy mcoins.

Including me.


I stop buying mcoins since blade of sudden doom appears.

I use almost 70set for +7 to +8, luckily no +8 so I deside to stop purchasing. Crazy amplification. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying why.

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In that sentence you have let ppl understand that you are a +6 bd. ( while your weapons are +10, but doesn't matter ) that's why I said if you were kidding. Anyway. Healers need to focus people in healing and not being scared of using their skills. Especially AoE ones for shamans. When people will understand it, dgs will be "easier"

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If I seem to have a belittling about that topic then I apologize for that, I didn't mean to offened anyone and it's good that you tell me.

Because of the reason that I was the only party member who's not in Pernicious, Skynete and Kesler asked me not to tell anyone about how to do that dungeon so I promised to them I wouldn't.

I'm sorry that it might look belittling and selfish but I won't missuse their trust to make other people here happy, I hope you can understand that.

I know I had an awesome party but I'm honest about what I say right now, if your party can kill the adds in area with those two spawning towers, your party won't have any problems at the boss if you do all the right work before that..


Always the same story since ToS Update..


"Promised not to tell anyone"


I'm also had an awesome party.. Full +10 with all special build for PvE.. Shaman with multiple Arena Award, Full buffed with Magic Pots,  But still failed at boss..

I only want to know "What u should do at boss to make that 3 towers gone" and thats all.

Can't even share that, then u post here about u done your TP Hard is just a mere Show Off to people. (in other reason u said: its for show that its possible to do it).


We try lot of things..

1st try. I use ton of invisible ink to wait the tower gone since that tower there is a timer based. (Work at Left side 4 towers) but didnt work at boss towers.

2nd try. We tanked mobs without luring boss, we tank is like 4-5mins then boss come up.. yet tower still not gone.

3rd try, We try to tank in front of tower, And tower killed us with 3-4k DMG.

4th try, We try tank Down corner, 4-5mins... But boss lured and PT still dead. Tower not gone.


WTF is this.. Just waste my Life scroll and HP Pot.. I won't do this shitty DG anymore for sure.

And if they didnt nerf this DG, then none will even care bout it anymore, and its such a great loss for AIGRIND for making such crazy tower even +10s party annilihated easily. Not to mention other lower amped.

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