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Arena amulets, cloaks and rings suggestion

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It havent got much sense if we think. Total %dmf in accesories for casters are 50%. Means a healer will heal 50% stronger, more less. So, if we put fero, and was 6% in cape, if amu same % and rings 4%, would be 20% total ferocity, and u wanna put 20% ferocity more against 50% magic, when u have an scroll with 24% fero more less already. If that, u would nerf healers, and make more op dmgers. If a bd with 1200dmg coz they has already 40% ferocity, add him 20% more, cmon. Make them +1500dmg by basic or even more with penetration and fero scroll. I know its a suggest, but in my opinion shouldnt be like this. Healers dont need deal tons of dmg, they are focused in survive (thts why arena ward armors are first bonus hp for caster), and killers has already op dmg, thts why arena award armors give them crit or def if its bd. Aslo, in chase of melee, arena accesories are 7*2+6*2 means 26%, ferocity would be 20%; do u think is less dmg? Ofc not; coz u can have more pene and deal more dmg than 20% extra physical

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