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Game War System is boring,not designed to be big...


Does game need Command channel?  

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  1. 1. Does game need Command channel?

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Warspear wars are too low,and need better war system. Game growing and army need better organize to success. All players are bored of "standard" wars also.


Players need see direction to go to goal also with some Flag maybe.


Today we had massive war,but how to organize?

  We did it, i got 32 minutes ban from trade chat.


  Damn we need Command channel or some to show to ppl how to move,where to go.

  Too need Leader of army rank to lead the action.


  Now is all big mess, take very hard work to gather few to attack town...


  Leader of army should send command like Stop,Gather.

  Also need Guild system, give that with this Market update ,we need fun.


 Currently we need move big amount of ppl to enemy town.


 Mine idea is using Trade Chat or Guild chat to go War Chat.

 Once you switch War chat you see the war messages everywhere. Same with Command channel.


 1. War Gathering - Peoples going to Gathering spot,joined the War chat mode.


 2. Plan,where ,how,how many - discussing


 3. Army moves - Currently biggest problem, people are lost and go another direction= Epic fail!!


 4. Second gather,command zone before attacking town.


 Currently game not support any strategic moves or features. These wars are boring and based on value killing.


 Is very boring now!!


Expand these strategic features, answer please Kuzmitch or Snorlax!!

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maybe an Signal command,

u press the button , and press in the desired area u want they attack

it wud be a good idea , if u understand me  :blush:

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maybe an Signal command, u press the button , and press in the desired area u want they attack it wud be a good idea , if u understand me

Of course...
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Nice thread bro :friends:


When I go to war I always try to stay close to the leader. But it's so difficult to pick them out from the cluster of people :wacko:


And the flow of players gradually get thin... Yesterday when we got to puma valley we were like 20 ppl. But when we started up from western caravan we were at least 50. War chat and war commander can really help. It'd be also nice if war leader can have some sort of sign over his head so that everyone can follow him. Enemy players can see this sign too. So they'll try to kill him and every ally players will try to protect their Commander.

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Very nice suggestion.  The quickest way to help is communication.  Even just the ability for a player to start a chat group that people could join.  Very simple quick fix to give us something to help until tge suggestions in this thread could get implemented. 


I really agree with all of chronoz suggestions.  But I need tess' idea about a leader symbol above their head.  That would be awesome to either defend or assassinate a leader.  :clapping:

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Maybe even add a flag to 1st towns in Irselnort, then leader has to bring it to your teams 1st town and then get a reward.

You can see the flag and leader in map to make things more fun



or have a event that happens every 4 hours, there will be a score board on top like 0/3000



every kill grants 1 score when it is 3000/3000 the winning faction will have guards around the map and they will help them in war



and maybe make those commanders in 1st town give something unique when you kill them,



like a costume or something or maybe something cool like a title before your name or some aura around you also add more guards to them to make it hard. people who died from boss will still get reward to make it more fair from rich people who spam revive etc.

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Nice idea about the flag and first town commander drop :)


I'm glad you like the leader idea ;D I've been thinking about how this leader system should work. Here are a few suggestions-


1. Leader must be lvl 20.


2. All lvl 15+ players can nominate someone as leader. When a candidate has votes of people whose sum of lvl is 500 he becomes a war leader and automatically gets Command Chat. He can choose two other people as his lieutenant. Only these three persons can use Command/war chat and they'll have this status till the time of the next daily quest reset.


3. A person can't be war leader for more than once a week.


4. If someone wants to nominate a war leader then he should be able to do so by clicking on that person's name and select 'nominate'. I mean this should work like inviting or sending pm.


5. In menu-society there should also be another tab for war leader. So that whenever anyone logs in he'll know if there is any war leader and leader's name.


I think this game gonna be cooler if command chat and war leader comes. And it'll be good for aigrind too. Becuz whoever becomes war leader will surely buy health pots so he can last longer in war ;D

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Ah well instead of all those rules and nominations and stuff just make whoever creates the "battle group" the leader.  People can choose to join his battle group or not.  The rest takes care of itself.  Good leaders will have people join, bad ones won't. 


I think the main point is that we need a pvp goal.  You farm the best gear then.....chat?  You're already done with arena, cc, quests, and farming.....so there's no point to do anything besides farm and chat  :facepalm:

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I like the suggested War Chat. A designated channel for battle commands should lessen enemy spies that are monitoring Trade Chat. Well, not unless the higher ranks is already infiltrated by spies. Hell yeah! The beauty of Art of War. :D

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