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Fix rendering!


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Player rendiering(or i think thats it) is broken.I use acid rain on mobs nobody get hurt,rogue jumps from across the map,bd hits you from bigger range then ranger.Its just broken and need fix badly.

Or if u have a fix for it do tell.

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rogue jumps from across the map,bd hits you from bigger range then ranger.


True lol, don't forget warlock's pool which can stun entire map.


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That' client/server desynchronization.


In other games, when you lag a bit, you will start seeing other players jumping/teleporting from one place to another to make up for the time your internet connection prevented you from receiving data from the server.


In Warspear, things are handled differently. Instead of jumping/teleporting, the screen shows you the wrong location of other players and sometimes even your own character. You can lessen the odds of the client showing the wrong location of your own character by clicking more than 1 time at the spot you want to be. Also, changing map or reconnecting will force a refresh on the entire map you are (so you can do that if you want to check the real location of your character and other players).

Of course they can always blame your internet connection for not being perfect but the thing is, I discovered that other things besides lag can cause this problem, like being hit multiple times while you walk for example.

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Screen bug :(

Actually it isn't. It's mainly the fault of the connection. The speed of your connection influences how often can your client syncronize with the servers, which connect you to every other players' client. If your connection is bad, your position on the screen and your action will be synced less fluently, also other players's activity will be synced to your client less fluently, therefore you will see them jumping and easily killing you, without you hurting them, because your actions actually weren't synchronized fast enough.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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