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Disfunction teleport in Norlant Swamp Island

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Actually just little problem here, but players cant tele to take Chest of Heavenly Brothers.

Here is the screenshot:


Hope you would fix it.

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Please, clarify your problem, provide more details and conditions of how is this happening.

We don't have reports of the same kind right now.

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Who still goes to the Swamps?

I just want to do Swamp Slug acv in that day.XD
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Actually I thought that it was bugged too, but it isn't. 

The entire Swamp is bugged quest wise, so what i do is I take a quest, then cancel then choose one. If it doesn't work, I go back to Zenith and repeat the process.

Norlant TP is random, I get that, that's fine. But. The quest path is screwed up as well. 

ie, if I take Ravvas Kisses quest, I will tp to those maps more often than not. and same for others, but even the towers are bugged.. I have been testing them all out.. 


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