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Druid name ghealer is scammer from eu

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This druid scammed all seeker stamina from aoal guild storage.

Actually they r 2 person keep sending a pm to me and they say buy seeker


Heres what happened.

This YASINXTR ask me first. He want to buy an stamina and i said i dont know the price, pm xjullianx. And i just ignor his request for explorer rank.


Then after a few seconds this druid name GHEALER pm me, he ask the same question as YASINXTR person.

He want to buy stamina. But i really dont want to sell because i dont want too, to change their rank to explorer. Because this is not the first time happened to me. But in a few second again this 3rd person name XWICKEDEYE pm me, GHEALER Want to buy stamina (with a smiley emoticon). So i was convince to change Ghealer rank because i thought i could trust him.

And this suddenly happy.

He took all the stamina fom aoal storage and go then log off.


So pls beware of this people. Specially GHEALER DRUID FROM EU SERVER




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I deposited 1 set stam elixir too U can ask Reinyk and Twrecker they were online while I deposit.

And my brother Xwickedeye not Ghealer friend or scammer he just pm u cuz he was going to spam dg but anyway I guess he made mistake to trust Ghealer and tell u to make him explorer but well I paid for his mistake so we are all happy now. @}-

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