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Hehehe first time i join a contest and i thought to make something creative ,, and different .. well , not sure if it is good but let me know :P


My name is Mrskrillex in US sapphire , a pretty bladedancer . (not that pretty but let's say)


Good luck everyone and hope the best !! 






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Awww mother of God...

KW gear with a Doom bow :scared:

How much u sell that ranger? :3 ill go to Arinar and buy it lel

Very nice gd idea, amazing background gj and gdluck bro (m) *brofist*

 You have to find where arinar is firts :lovepig:.Hahaha well just making swords takes too much time and materials nd I can't do such :D already now took much and finding ideas , had many like going to the beach nd to crazy things but meh made a decent . Thank you very much brah (m) 

bro, where is logo ws??

Warspear logo can be anything tht proves picture is taken just for the contest nd nothing else , I made something different came to my mind :)
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