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BR-Tourmaline | Perfecto | Ranger Cbow +10 v.s Necro with staff lvl 3

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Hello guys!  :yahoo:

Need be +10 to be "PRO"?

Can Necromancer with staff lvl 3 beat Ranger with Cbow +10??  :shok:  :shok:  :shok:

Please enjoy the video!  :diablo: |   :spiteful: Link >>  


Dont forget suscribe and like if you like it  O:-) | My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Reapersike245

 Thank you for your attention  :good:


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wow PRO negro +3 beat +10 ranger ! no need to be +10 to be PRO, this is an outstandin evidence of it

Wtf are you Panchens?  I remember you like 3-4 year ago at sapphire :rofl:  I was Reapersike rouge lv20, Reaperlock wlock lv20, Soytudaddy dk lv 14  :spiteful:  i dont know if you remember me but, you was fun long time ago  ;D

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No offense, but it is quite pathetic to make a vídeo showing how a lvl 26 wins a lvl 18. Even using a noob weapon, the difference In skill is quite huge. In addition, necros are at least in the top 3 clases In PvP, whereas rangers are the worst class. Furthermore, you have war buff and you signaled first, so I do not see the epic PvP you claim it was. I am +10 lvl 20 rogue and i win +10 lvls 26 rangers In PvP just using 1 axe, even If they are In guilds with damage buff. As I said before,rangers worst class now.

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