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Use of shared account

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Good day, I come to report a violation of the EULA where the player in question share your account with friends in order to keep the rank of arena.


The first rule of EULA is:
Rule #1. The most important rule:

Access to the account is granted only to those person who registered it. Using account in the other way will be considered as violation of EULA and  Rules of Conduction

  • If other players (friend, brother, relative, etc.) have got an access to your account, one of the punishments from the rules of conduct will be implemented, because these data should be kept secret.
  • If you've get an access to the account, that wasn't created by you, one of the punishments from the rules of conduct will be implemented and your access to this account will be denied.


And that's precisely what's going on, I help my friend who is the # 1 in 5 x 5 on server BR_Tourmaline lv14 rank, and it's hard because we have our jobs and some families and other duties in the day and thus can't be online all day in order to farm arena points, that player at the opposite is on almost all day and it's not him.


The player's name is Furiaxt, and I have pictures proving that he's not this in account and yes one of your many friends who are farmando to him while he's doing something else.
Note that in some images is not the owner of the account that it's account, but someone else who is confirming that he delivered a bill he can farm.

Peopl that work it and applied a punishment in accordance with the EULA for such an act because it's not fair for me to do my best to get the rank and the other player wins without even entering the game, follow the images below:
NOTE: the language in the images is the Portuguese (BR).












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if i was a powermod girl, i would tell you to send a tiket to support instead of reporting stuf here ! but this is not the case cuz i have co.. i mean, cuz i'm just a common furum user !


but you still can do it because it's the only way

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