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Good elfs


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Hi , im xphoneguyx from Eu-Emerald server


So, today, while i was doing Guardings quest , i found a elf and i thought she (or he)

was goin to kill me but she(or he :D) didnt,she (or he :x) helped me do quest


xxgirlxx , If you are reading this topic plz leave a comment ya :) it was good to meet a good elf

( or a bad one, tired of killing mcs that decided to help ? idk :D )

Опубликованное фото




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lol how will she be able to kill u or ur party...she was alone..u guys a party...and looking at her equips i see no cloak...so she must be weak...

weak ppl try to avoid war...if i was there i would have tried to kill u and ur party despite knowing i will die easily...yet i would try ;D ;D coz ELF N MC ARE AT WAR :diablo: :diablo: NO TRAITORS! KILL ON SIGHT xDDDD ;D ;D ;D

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my  theory  is  simple  abt  it  ;)

if  u r good i m better  :clapping:

if  u r bad  i m worst  :dirol: :aggressive:

i  dnt atk  those  mc  hu dnt atk me . juniorcel druid  remember  the name  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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