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Hy how u know in menu we have guilds and guilds rank, watt i want is simple thing wen u press on name of a guild pres actions and see all his members of that guild is same sistem as inspect player but here is for inspect guilds inclusive wen a guild lvls up i want press on it and see all his members inclusive to can inspect members too!Screenshot_2015-11-28-19-46-17.pngor mambe he change name i want see his members!Screenshot_2015-12-05-23-12-05.png

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im assuming you mean a way for players to see guild lists by pressing on a guild name?


1. if a player clicks on a guild name from the chat, they can be transferred to the member list (just as if they were looking at their own guild).

2. or something like: menu>interact>view guild  (if the player is  in a guild already); instead of the  'invite to guild' button,


i wouldn't mind something like this!



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