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Bag filter  

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  1. 1. Implement?

    • No (my bag is organised as it is)
    • Yes (better system of getting an item is necessary)

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It is kinda organised for me right now.

Check your bag while reading: Miracle Shop items(Repairs, Teleports, Life Scrolls, Signs, etc..) > Potions > Food > (Buff)Scrolls > Spheres > Minions > Equipments(Weapons > helmets > armors > gloves > belts > boots) > Enchants > Craft materials > Costumes > Quest items.

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is a good a option arange by name,date,type,size pieces,modified entry       and some items like signs are many ocupied space slots bags or scrolls or spheres exemple i have 400 sets signs and dmg spheres i dont have enough space for them so they should from expanded option to put them in one slot signs 4000pieces  one slot dmg 4000 pices!

Its better and easyer acces!

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Its sad how people says yes/no on here, even if 50 people will vote for yes and 1 for no, it won't change anything. I like developers in other game forum, they'd reply in every suggestion topics but here, they just don't give a duck about people suggestions : xD

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