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How do I make warspear support understand my request?


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I had spent 50$ or 2850INR on 3 different options during 6th may cos my regular 50$ option was priced at 60$+ and I can only spend 50 every month. So I had no other choice but to spend my money on cheaper options to buy as many coins as I can.

I could only buy 12,720 coins (720mc + 6000mc + 6000mc) for 2850INR


But when the prices where corrected the next day, for 2850INR we now get 16,800mcoins.


So when I sent a tkt to support to try and get my extra coins, they reply


"The bonus coins are already included to that bill for 720, 6000 and 6000 Miracle coins. Normally you should receive around 360, 3000 and 3000 Miracle coins for that sum respectively!



For 2850INR we get 16,800 coins and I could buy only 12,700 when the prices were high on 6th.


How do I make them understand? I've tried my best.

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