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keyboard predictive text system doen't work.and more

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using samsung G5(SM-G900S) / android 6.0


when i played before, i used predictive text. so when i type 't3' it shows 'bosses'. and i click 'bosses' it shows 'pm'. and repeat this, i can make line 't3 bosses pm priest last slot' only using predictive text system easily. just touch word suggest.


but after update, it doesn't work in Wardpear online chat only.


and when i set "Auto spacing". predictive text go wrong. it shows only ',' '/' '?'.

and i can't change or delete that.


and English chat break. i can't type English empty space.


when i want type 'english', it type automatically '/nglish' so i can't send message.


plz fix this bug.


and chat copy also doesn't work.

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Apparently, administration said that predictive text and other advanced text controls were removed due to requests by Google. I miss it too but we just have to get used to it I guess.


As for the errors with your keyboard I suggest:


1- reset your keyboard; or remove the previous things you had like predictive text, auto spacing etc. in keyboard options. The current settings you have may be conflicting with the changes.


2. If there's still problems just download a keyboard from the Play Store and just wait until developers fix it for your keyboard specifically I guess.

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