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Jo Aldridge

Tips for Newbies, Level 1-12 I did in a week

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Hmm.. what's this? So many posts spams


Check "Guides" section for the tips and guides, either specific guides nor general guides.


1. Guides for new player

2. Leveling guide on Irselnort lv12-18

3. Massive Spoiler for Norlant Swamps

4. Gold guide


PS : There was no astral def.

Formerly, there were 2 defences and 4 magics.

● Dark def : for B1-B9 Astral Laby and againsts the casters of Forsaken.

● Dark magic : damage dealt by warlocks and necros.

● Sun def : for magic monsters and against the casters of Chosen.

● Sun magic : damage dealt by priests and mages

● Moon magic : damage dealt by druids and shamans

● Astral magic : regarding the heal points of all healer classes

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