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It's Warspear Time (with THEMERCS) - Let's Play Contest

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Here is my entry for the contest:


Before opening the link be sure u read the following info ty:

Warning: the following video contains Strong language suited for ages 12+ (Rated L)
Info: KTL©  (Kill The Leader) is a mini game created in THEMERCS guild in Warspear Online
Objective: Kill the leader of the guild (Zeusxelie) by following him thru different maps using chaos pots and nothing else but skills (Only Mercs members allowed to join this mini game)
How to win: u have to gather 10points
1point: for touching the leader
3point: for killing the leader
Prize: 50k
and remember THEMERCS knows no FEAR )>


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Soooo nice! I wish u were in EU.. I really enjoyed it!



Ty ^^ I do have a ranger lvl16 in eu xD when i came to see hows eu i joined yeu guild and met gabrunth something best pala there than i got bored so came back to us



Best video so far u really know how to make other laugh lol xD



Hehehe ty alot (m) (^__^)



ellie plays warspear in his bathroom :D

We always did this sometimes xD honest honestly :3 im replying from toilet now (๑・v・๑)

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Nice and funny video. I think you will win this contest.


And I would like to pvp you sometime, but don't worry I will go easy on you :D

Awesome xD i hope so or at least win an official spot in their channel


Sure ill pvp u sometimes but after i get my laptop back from repair (:

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haha yeah, good job llallouss



Ty alot ^^ few days left i hope i win anything xD i need some mcoin for guild upgrades and for a inguild tournament 2v2 upcoming vids with it :P MiA Mercs in Arena 2v2 randomly picked
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Nice video, even with the language u sometime used xd i like how u manage to have game like that in such a big and famous guild, thumb up for the MERCS :good: and hope u win this one ;D

Ty alot ^^ im glad u liked it (: hope all my vids makes everyone laugh

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Definitely! Your videos are very funny. I am you number 1 fan :D

Heheh awesome bro (m) that makes me happy


Than u should be happy soon xD me and the heirs are working on a new intense competition in the guild, we will unleash it soon with much public effect


Mercs or non mercs will be able to win something and many vids of it will be published daily on forum and in youtube


(: few days till unleashing video is ready

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