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The Duel Between Alliance - ( My video for the contest )

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A decent video! Genuinely enjoyed the story and the music as well.

I wish it was in English tho. Good thing you added subtitles.


Yes, I had carefully with this part, so that there is an understanding for everyone! :good:

I even had begun recording speaking in English, but my pronunciation is disappointing and funny. :D  :facepalm:

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Very nice video..

I cant stop laughing when your barb against bd..

You telling the truth BD is the most OP class.. XD that counter is hurt


Thank you! Yes, it was really unexpected, however, Eviisoon has very high Life Steal, which made it more difficult for me, well ... we are talking about the best class!

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Isn't this just a story u created and not a let's play which should include commentary and some guide?


I could just send a link to one of the 200 Warspear Online gameplay videos I've ever done for my channel, but I decide to do a story because in the forum says, that history is important, what you saw in my video was, much history and little gameplay, but does not mean that does not have gameplay. ;)

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Awesome nice editing and nice story (: i dont know if a story is a lets play warspear but i think u have a gd chanceto win gdluck (^__^)


Thank you! Yes, the idea of the duel was good because not let the video with 100% history, but I am aware! Good luck to all participants!

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