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bliss island event list

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Ok let's start with "Spring Fair", PvP area in the town



"Sorceress of the depths" it's in the cave in the town. All you have to do when the event starts is to kill the spawning adds, but DON'T kill the Oracles, otherwise the event will fail.post-23872-0-13428500-1459440924_thumb.pngpost-23872-0-70485700-1459441003_thumb.jpg


Sorry, I have never done precious Metals, hopefully someone else can explain this one :)


"Spy Stones" I marked one of the possible areas where to do the event.post-23872-0-48078300-1459441159_thumb.jpg


"Hungry Vulturens", also marked one possible area where to do it and where I am always doing it.post-23872-0-15527500-1459441268_thumb.jpg


"Midnight Owl", areas marked where the bosses are, in exactly the same areas you also do the event "Wickedora's Cauldrons", which starts right after "Midnight Owl" is finished.post-23872-0-29449300-1459441428_thumb.jpg


"Goblin's King" or something similar to that takes part here.



The final event in which you have to kill Wickedora is herepost-23872-0-98874200-1459441695_thumb.jpg

There's a castle on the buttom which you have to enter, where to go in there I will show you soon.


I hope I could help you a bit :) Sorry, I'm not the most skilled guider or something :D If you have more questions about an event just ask :)

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