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Pinning craft tasks.

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Ive talked about this suggestion a while ago to some of my friends.

The suggestion itself is quite simple and executing it.. well I dont know.


The suggestion here is that if you want a special rare task you can pin that task so when it appears you'll get notified trough a pop up or notification on your bar.


Why should this be added and why hasn't it been suggested before (used the search option for the keyword, no relative matches were shown.)


Well, from my experience and im sure alot of you who actually read the forum and play might have been waiting for that one rare craft task that you've been wanting to get. But since they only reset every hour-2hour and your task doesnt show up it can become a bit annoying can it not?

As for myself I'm always eager after mass advanced resources but i rarely see this task pop up in my profesion when i am online


Which makes me wonder if there are millions of players by now, how come no one has suggested this before, or why wasn't it implemented. Ah well, i dont mind, lets just hope this idea is a good one and that they will put it in the game after some patch or such.





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