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Warspear Online 5.6.0: Wickedora's Return opinions. Bugs, glitches and suggestions.


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Here you can write all the bugs, glitches, problems or suggestions you have in connection with 5.6.0; Wickedora's return, the newest update of Warspear Online.


I would start with highlighting that you guys made an awesome and outstanding job with the design of the event. I like the heart-shaped island, the peaceful, happy houses and people, the quests and so on. People may say this is the worst event ever, but I am quite satisfied with it.

One thing that I agree with most of the players, that these solo dungeons don't really work the way they are. First, this is the celebration of love. Do solo dungeons fit this? No! I think duo dungeons would be much cooler. Is it possible to... change this?

I strongly believe it dungeons shouldn't be money eating places, where you spend your money for healing potions and in the end you get a [sphere of Defence Enchancement]. However, at the moment, if you are not a healer class, you're pretty much in this situation. No time border makes it possible to eliminate all mobs slowly. But, the boss at the end of the dungeon is the creep herself. In level 26 dungeon she deals 303 damage to me, though I have 3200 magical defence. Is that okay? Hell no! As a barbarian I have a long cooldown weak healing skill, but that's.. well, nothing.

I suggest you to decrease the damage dealt by the boss in the dungeon.


Anyways, good job bros, keep it up!


Feel free to post your opinion, too!

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im getting messages in russian when im on the special island.   in my character mailbox   what do they say.  is there anyway to copy and paste so i can get them into a translator?

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It says something like: "Event is completed, you are worthy, fighter of Arinar!" The rest I don't understand. (Yes, I didn't use Google Translator :D)

Anyways, it's just a nice text following when an event is completed and you are near it.

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