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[2016.03.14] Warspear Online 5.6. The Honoring of the Spring King: Wickedora's Return. Preview


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Warriors of Arinar!


Spring has come and we want to invite you to the friendliest holiday of the year, the Honoring of the Spring King.


Fabulous adventures on a new island await you: holiday quests, dynamic events, dangerous bosses, skills and achievements, unique rewards, chests and other cool things. The most important though is solo Dungeons! Warspear Online 5.6 update will be available this week , join us!


Never underestimate evil witches, especially ones like Wickedora! The Spring King should've thought about that when he broke up with her 20 years ago. How could he have even thought about asking for her hand? But what's done is done... The greatly offended witch left Blissful Isle, leaving a mysterious prophecy foretelling her return. In the years since, there was no news and people soon forgot about the prophecy.


Everything changed at the start of spring. In the midst of an annual fair, a strange love disease started to disturb the King's lieges and Blissful Isle was filled with evil creatures of every kind. It certainly looks like old Wickedora's prophecy is fast being realised...


Blissful Isle




Welcome to Blissful Isle! It has always been a territory filled with love, hence the reason fights are prohibited here. Every Alliance member should remember that. However nasty monsters and bosses do not. They want to spoil our holiday and we mustn’t let them. Let them feel your love. That is of course best demonstrated with your swords, shields and spheres! New quests await you, complete them and get a unique costume. There will also be new general and daily quests with excellent rewards!




Don't delay your trip to the island, this holiday only lasts one month!


Solo dungeons




On of the features of this holiday is solo dungeons, where you alone will be able to get your reward. Choose your way to the boss. You’ll find that each way is different, see for yourself.


The choice is yours, but don't rush it. There are no time limits in these Dungeons and every patient warrior will get their reward, just follow our level recommendations.




Pay attention – if your level is higher than the recommendation, you won't get a prize!


Complete Blissfull Isle Dungeons and you could recieve:


New unique costume:


- Tree of Life Guard


Decorative skins for the best warriors!


- Forest Faun's Root Axe

- Forest Faun's Bill

- Forest Faun's Cleaver

- Forest Faun's Bear Spear

- Forest Faun's Stick

- Forest Faun's Willow Bow

- Forest Faun's Arrow Shooter

- Forest Faun's Braided Shield


And also:


- Unique Holiday Minions

- Essences and Catalysts

- Attack and Defence spheres

- Elixirs, Scrolls, Gold and no Food at all!


After finishing a quest when looking to complete a Dungeon, you will be rewarded with a special memorable smiley "Bully"!

And do not forget to check treasure chests found all over the Dungeon. You can find gold and both attack and defence spheres.


Dynamic events




This update will introduce a new type of dynamic event that you yourself will control. Dynamic events is a chain of assignments in which each successfully completed task gives you access to a new one. The main objective of the global event is to defeat Wickedora the Witch. However before being able to reach her, you will have to confront her powerful minions. They are led by Midnight Owl and the King of Goblins, you’ll also encounter other dangerous enemies. It won't be easy to beat them. However for every successfully completed stage, you will be awarded with a long-lasting effect making you much stronger. But only if you survive, of course.




Those who have the strength of character to reach the end will receive the main prize - the immortal glory of the holiday savior! As well as this mighty prize you will have access to Wickedora's Treasury, inside which you will find:


- New costumes: Wickedora and Midnight Owl

- Unique minions

- Great elixirs

- Gold

- Holiday potions and scrolls


In addition to the global dynamic events, you will be able to try your hand in the fraction ones. As you will remember, organizing battles with other players on the Island is prohibited, but what stops you from using a third party for this purpose? Go through all the stages of the fraction events and a very angry boss will appear in the enemy Alliance camp!


Dynamic events do not start on their own: it is you who decides when to start a chain of assignments. Gather your Alliance warriors at the desired location and start the battle, moving from one task to the next.


Holiday achievements


Six new unique achievements that you can only get during this holiday period! Complete them all and get a cute "Rag King" smiley!


Blissful Isle Stash


This Holiday special in the Miracle Shop – The Blissful Isle Stash is where you can find amazing goods!


Brand new outstanding costumes!


- Mistress of the Realm of Shadows/Ruler of the Realm of Shadows

- Governor of the Heavenly Haven/Governess of the Heavenly Haven

- Rag King

- Scarlet Dragon Priestess

...and other awesome costumes!


New amazing decorative skins!


- Spring Orchestra Trumpet

- Spring Orchestra Violin

- Spring Orchestra Saxophone

- Spring Orchestra Guitar

- Spring Orchestra Trombone

- Spring Orchestra Electric guitar

- Spring Orchestra Berimbau

- Spring Orchestra French Horn

- Spring Orchestra Harp


Some of the rarest and most charming skins!


- Flower Cavalier Kris

- Flower Cavalier Bill

- Flower Cavalier Claymore

- Flower Cavalier Guisarme

- Flower Cavalier Sceptre

- Flower Cavalier Bow

- Flower Cavalier Arrowshooter

- Flower Cavalier Shield


The most desirable runes and crystals:


- Vampirism Rune (adds vampirism bonus)

- Crystal of Agility (adds skills cooldown bonus)


Unique Holiday Minions:


- Summon Flying Monkey

- Summon Poisonous Toad

- Summon Pixie


Great Elixirs:


- Gladiator's Great Elixir

- Great Elixir of Knowledge

- Great Elixir of Unity


And other Holiday items and piles of gold!


Holiday skills


For the whole Holiday period you will receive two new special skills “Gift Bouquet” and “Witching Fragrance”. A “Gift Bouquet” can be thrown at your enemy and "Witching Fragnance" will increase your physical and magical defence and also regeneration of health and energy. To use it – take four friends (or strangers) and add special ingredients you can find all over the isle.




That's it for now – more information about this event on the update day. See you then!

AIGRIND, with love.

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Soo no special wepons or armor in dungeons¿

And what you mean highter than dungs level...if im lvl.24 and I go lvl.22 dung I wont get award :/?

Ya i guess

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And what you mean highter than dungs level...if im lvl.24 and I go lvl.22 dung I wont get award :/?


nope, you won't get

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Soo no special wepons or armor in dungeons¿

And what you mean highter than dungs level...if im lvl.24 and I go lvl.22 dung I wont get award :/?


Yes, the rules are strict now, it's not like in the other dungeons :)


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I love the stories at beginning (for example; how did it all get started etc..) :D I am sure that this event will be great!

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test is available now or no? I want to play test :

Test is closed

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Why I started playing RPG online games?It's because of anime like log horizon.sword art online e-t-c.well Warspear is one the top ten online games like those.long live Warspear.

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I hope these weapon skins turn out nice.

I kind of like the approach they did with amplifed crossbows looking like miniguns...

There should be more crossbow weapon skins that resemble gun artillery *o*

I would like a sniper rifle skin plz 

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No Food at all!! OMG!!!  ;D


Tower solo!!! OMG!!!  :spiteful:


Thanks, AIGRIND!!


 Because depend on others for it, you can not!  :aggressive:

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I loved the dynamic events stuff, definitely a pretty cool new content added to the game and I hope it will be there more in the future as it further improves as well. I also LOVED that there are no gears in this event. Imo, reputation gatherers(questors and Ayvondil dungs spammers), tournament competitors, arena fighters, and crafters are the ones that deserve to get the most valuable gears in the game, cus obviously they worked harder than others on it. Good job on the solo dungs too! Keep up the good new contents, guys. :good:

Edited by Gladiator
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Is there time limit in dgs?

If you had read the whole announcement, you would've known. But no, you decided to just ask without reading.

Anyway, let me answer your question: There is no time limit for solo dungeons.

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