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suggestion for new rogue skill


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Hi guys , i wanna suggest how should new rogue expert skill look , I had some ideas.

1. Idea : extreme stealth

Skill type - passive

Rogue is able to stay undetected under stealth effect even if enemy tryes to unstealth him. Skill can be charged up to 15 sec , so u need to wait until it charges.

2.Idea : last chance

Skill type - passive

When rogue is left with 20% of his hp , he goes under stealth effect . this will happen only 1 per battle , skill works even if rogue is in battle.

3. Idea : sinister strike

Skill type - active

An instant strike that causes 176% physical damage .

It would have cool animation :D

4. Idea : distract

Skill type - active

Rogue trows distraction item which distracts nearby monsters for 10 sec . usable only under stealth.

Tis were some ideas i thought were good for new rogue skill.

If you have better idea please reply or make topic about it.

Ps: big rogue fan :D

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I like the distract idea, pretty interesting skill, but everything else seems kinda op, especially since stealth greatly increases a rogue's damage.

Sinister strike seems insane:

176% damage + stealth + axes

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Max rouge damage with stealth is 1736-1800 with the skill it will be like 2.5k-3k.one hit any class out($$$$$$l

Sinister blade would be good if dmg and cooldown were nerfed , im not math guy ... This would be extra dmg skill like bd have sonic boom and druid have power of water.

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