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combat color guide

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Blue: easy to fight same rank or 1 rank below


green: may have difficulty fighting same rank or 1 below


yellow: may need another player depending on class and Gear.

same rank recommended, 1 rank below might win depending on class and gear

:aggressive: :aggressive:

red: recommend 2 players minimum with best gear available same rank. Might be able to solo depending on class, gear and high tier potions available as well as scrolls if able.

:aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive:

double green: recommend same rank 3 or more if above rank less may work. End bosses recommend have 4 to full party. Always have best weapon . Best gear is recommended too.

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Don't worry wofldragon99, there are kind and helpful players out there =) Just few and far between.


Again, welcome to the forums and welcome to warpsear online.


Thank you for posting your contribution, it's appreciated.

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