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bonus " ability to recharge go wrong ."

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The way i understand cooldown is this


lets say u have a skill with 20 sec cooldown


now u get 25% cd from somewhere then u will assume that ur skill cd time will reduce to 15 sec i.e 25% of 20 sec substracted from 20 sec . but thats not how it works


i have a simple formula to calculate effective cooldown


lets say u have X% cooldown


then ur effective cooldown will be

X / (100+X)


SUBSTITUTING VALUE OF X as 25 % in this equation effective cooldown becomes 20% , so now ur skill will have recharge time of 16 sec and not 15 sec. bcoz ur recharge time of skill will decrease by effective cooldown thats 20% .

and this is totally correct as i have tested it


Hope i was able to help you

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