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How to gain reputation in chainless league?


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I explored the 2nd island before starting to do quests. I found a "dungeon" I entered it and left it like 10seconds later, then I had -5000 in reputation. pls can I have it back I didn't know what I was doing :( . If not how do I gain reputiation normally? how much time and how hard is it? how much do I need to be "friendly" :)

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Hey there!

First of all it's normal that you have -5000  reputation at the beginning. When you start to do the storyline quests on map 2 you will be lead to Nadir after a while and you will receive the chainless league quests to get reputation :) The challenge is to kill all big bosses on map 2 on the side of the Forsakens and Mountin Clan. It's not very hard to do it those days though since most of the high level players spend their time on Ayvondil.

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There are bosses that you must killled in Chainless League's quest


1. Granite Guard/Genie     

2. Garr Shagg/Kratt           

3. Lake Elemental/Dinalt        

4. Sea Monster/Maraksha

5. Gridaur/Gariel                    

6. Berengar's Guards (3 bosses)


Kill the 3rd boss and you can go into Normal tower, kill 5th boss for Hard mode and kill them all and you will be friend with Chainless and can go in heroic difficulty. You must kill bosses in enemy's territory so don't let your enemies know your presence or they will chase your team. Don't forget to bring life scrolls.

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It's kinda hard if bored and high leveled rogue stalking your party and target the quester, that's why quester should bring life scroll.


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