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Rules of this section.

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Good day, fellows!

In this section (as you can see from the description) you can upload your videos of our game.

I tried to structurize it creating several thematic forums, but you always can offer your

vision of the section in Suggestions part of our forum.


We have here:
Battles for territory
Let's play
Other videos


And a few words about the rules:

1. All topics, videos and conversations should be created with respect to the forum rules.

2. Videos shouldn't contain game rules violation or any provocative content (you know what I mean).

3. If you want to provide a link to YouTube channel it also shouldn't contain anything prohibited by our rules.

4. In PvP, PvE and Battles for territory sections videos should be named like:


[server.Class.Character name] Topic name.


Let's play and Other videos can contain videos of any name you want, but let's be attentive to other users.

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