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[2016.02.08] Week of Galore! Guild, craftsmen and explorers rewards are doubled!

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Warriors of Arinar!

Week of Galore is starting, guys, this time Arinar will be affected by some special kind of essential-catalystic magic, whic doubled catalysts and essentials drop in every dungeon! With the recent update the new age of Craft has started, that's why there will be a profit for every armor craftsmand and for every successful trader!

Just during this week:

- Crimson Corundum reward is doubled for 1-3 places of Guild Tournament
- 4-10 places of Guild Tournament will receive Crimson Corundums and Bronze Chest (counted as "Non-fading Glory" achievement")
- Guild Points reward is doubled for every Dungeon completion
- Essentials and catalysts reward in every Dungeon is doubled too!

But that's not enough, folks!

- in every dungeon on Heroic difficulty you will have the chance to obtain the rarest costumes of Demonologist and Snorlar!

Demonologist is a sage, who crossed a forbidden border in his researches. One day mighty demon Titorion lured him into a trap and stole sage's soul, mutilated his body. From this time Demonologist lost his humanity completely, now he's hiding his face under the grim mask.

Snorlar – was a Paladin who went into heresy deifying Harad and Garaan at the same time. Over time his body and soul split in two. His left side served Garaan, while the right remained faithful to Harad. Ashamed of his ugliness Snorlar went into self-imposed exile. Far away from home he will have to decide which god he has to serve.



DURATION OF PROMO: 08.02 12:00 CET - 15.02 11:00 CET

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Ehh lvl 24-26 have a chance to get snorlar/demonologist costume in heroic bg tower too?

How about kronus belly dg? Its heroic lvl too right?

Yes absolutely. Kronus dg is included.


Guys I've got a question. What does "Deal ends at x time CET" i thought it was a whole week

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The reason why there is no low lvl herioc is that people will over spam it with their higher levels logged.

They already have a solution for this. Put the dungeons in places where only for example levels 11-14 can enter. Just like they did with bosses during events (Horror Circus and Snow Boundaries). The game is truly missing activities for low levels!

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