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[2016.02.02] Warspear Online 5.5 “Masters of defence”. Release

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why drop rate essence ethereal and energy in map1 boss become low i farm 3 consecutive days still didnt get drop i farm map1 every day using different character in diferent boss map1 firstborn and chosen still cant get drop good can you please fix it thanks alot because thats the only way i can farm gold im not mcoin user thats the only  way i can earn gold to become pro...




thank you for you understanding gm

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yes, this is VERY REALISTIC. (no, thanks, our pixel style is ours forever)



WS shouldnt be compared in this AL....cuz if u really a true gamer. u will appreciate WS than this game..that game has so many similarities on other mmo..WS is unique n its on way

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