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good death knight build


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Dk has a single burst as a basic skill

And gets another one with the expert steel hurricane skill so going for shield might not be a bad idea considering only 2 bursts.

But on the other hand a 2h dk can reach 5k+ def with +7 lvl 18 gear.

Once you reach a high enough threshold dmg reduction reduces... So as to say.

5k def might reduce 40% and 6k might reduce 45-50% only ... So investing in a shield with better gear coming out might not (in my opinion) be optimal for a high level dk.

Now for the skills. (does not depend upon whther you're a shielder or 2h user)

Try maxxing out both darkshield and thorns first... Those are the main basic dk skills.

Then go out for exhale with the last few remaining skill points which will be '2' on exhale before you can add to expert skills.(exhale requires magic dmg to add more dmg)

A pvp focused dk has to add 3/2 points to blow of silence... Dks main stunner gun

Adding more points to the skill just adds dmg and how long you can stack it... So it's possible to spam stuns if you stack it for long enough, but investing 3 skill points onto one skill might seem a waste since it's not the only dk stun/burst expert.

After that buy sharp shadow dks second stun skill.

The chances of the skill stunning are still not officially released or whatevs... But there is a forum post on the Russian forums.. Or somewhere around there that have calculated the skill chance.

It needs magic dmg to be of any use offensively but provides a very good stun time if it hits.

I'd suggest using one skill point on it to make the skill not horribly weak... And maybe i guess.. Increase the chances of stunning.

After these two skills you can use your last skill point on any other expert but imo don't matter since they consist of dot(dark circle) , aoe burst (steel hurricane), life steal buff (saturation)

Dark circle and steel hurricane are 3x3 affecting skills, one deals continous dmg based on your magic the other provides a large burst of dmg proportional to your physical.

Saturation is a skill that requires you to have a life steal set beforehand... If you want a pure pve dk a 4/4 Saturation gives 14% life steal for a period of time.... With a HEALTH SACRIFICE proportional to your hp... With a full life steal set it might even be possible to reach 30-45%... The skill is flexible... Can be good one if you invest skill points on it and get life steal gear .. Can be a bad choice if you buy it without any prerequisite stuff... This is my current setup and it does real good pvp and pve wise.

Dk is a class that needn't have a fixed skill build.. Almost all its skill excluding provoke have some use pve/pvp wise. Stun, dmg, dps, survivability... And a large array of weapons at your disposal makes it quite fun.

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