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Hello. Hassn has got Raven costume on EU-Emerald Legion side.

Could anyone attach a screenshot showing that Hassn or anyone dropps it? I asked ingame and noone could give me an exact answer. I was on today for long, and I haven't seen any messages informing anyone had this drop. I am not trying to attack you, dear developers, but we are surely assumed that he didn't get it from anyone at drop, but from some insider maybe. Tell me if I am wrong, and a screenshot would be pretty much appreciated.

Thanks! :D

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Garof have it before Hassn, but I don't see the notice myself. The two richest player get it first :lol:

Garof is a bladedancer, and he bought it from the dropper :D

Tho I ask if you can show me an ss about the actual drop message on Legion side?

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