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death call skill bugged?

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Hello again. I would like to ask about something



This skill works perfectly fine, does everything as described. However...


With this skill, no matter what level it is on, targets in the radius do NOT attack the deathknight. They continue attacking their current target, even if I have inflicted damage on them before, during or after the skill. They will only attack me if I'm their main target, meaning this skills' aggro effect does nothing. The only thing that changes as I upgrade the skill level is the amount of magic damage.


I'm not complaining or asking for any changes. I'm just seeking some clarification before I use my 28th book of oblivion this year. Thank you.

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I'd rather ask the ones who have tested those skills beyond their first level. Speaking of which, BD's rush skill is also in the question, but I have only tested DK, so that's how this is thread came to be.

I can confirm Warcry is broken, hence why Ive removed this skill from my masters since it didnt promise what it should.

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At the time i still used illumination it didnt work a single time either, so i stopped using it. But not only that: not even all undead monsters (ghosts and stuff) get dmg of it (for example in faceless pyramid) - maybe this attribute of monsters was forgotten sometimes, because noone uses illumination anyway :D


A working group aggro skill for deathknights and paladins would be really nice indeed. :good:

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