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[2015.12.22] Warspear Online 5.4. Raven’s War Dance. Release


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whahahaha stupid update still got problem. what if someone get reward arena but his not #1 and he amplfy it what will happen?

Abusing a glitch or bug (receiving wrong reward) is against the rules which any warspear player agreed on when he joined the game, devs allowed to remove the items from him, his/her fault if she amped them fully knowing he/she doesnt deserve them ;)

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It seems the person has dementia

Omg this br wh*re doesn't stop b!tching around!!


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Lukazz done :D

And also do this, log in to WS → Take SS about maintenance notification → upload to instagram with #1hmeans5hmaintenance but #ImaWSAddict

I will be the first person who like your post. XD

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