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[2015.12.21] Warspear Online Update 5.4. Raven's War Dance. Preview


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Warriors of Arinar!
The Day of World Creation draws near and this week the Snow Boundary will open it's borders to all you thrill seekers. There you will find new rides, holiday quests, battles with bosses and between alliances. Also skills, chests, unique treasures and many other things to discover! The holiday will last until the end of January, so you will have plenty of time to try everything out!


Rides that you've already experienced in the Horror Circus are here again. However there are new exciting quests and unique rewards.
rides.png  rides_1.png

Hot snow (solo 3-26)
You will need to set snowmen on fire on this ride. The more you burn, the more tokens you receive. So do this quickly - collect bonuses and avoid Goblins!

Winter sleep (solo/group)
This ride is occupied by Angry Yetis that you have to herd to the Sun's Shard, avoiding barriers. Do this by yourself or in a group!
hot_snow1.png  winter_sleep1.png

Winter marathon (solo 3-26)
Enjoy an invigorating run in the cold maze. You have to tap the control points, collect treasure and escape from the spirits. The further you get, the greater your reward!

Ice Arena (group 18-21/22-26)
Group battle in the Ice Arena against angry mobs. Form a group and try to kill as many as you can.
winter_marathon1.png  icy_arena1.png

Receive tickets, earn Good Luck Tokens and don’t forget to visit the Vendor. You can purchase decorative skins, new minions, potions and great costumes, including some brand new ones:

- Oracle of the Pall
- Ragnar Armorside's Armor
- Ruberius' Gladiator
- Ice Golem, Horned Yeti, Northern Cyclop
And even more! Just for the holiday, the vendors have equiped themselves with Seeker's Stamina Potions, so you find things to spend your tokens on. Just don't forget to spend them before the holiday ends, or they will disappear.

Holiday quests

This year you will find many new quests, and traditional ones have been changed too. Get ready for PvP-fights against the opposite alliance, battles with friends, killing powerful Totem-monsters and other tasks. The Classic quest for collecting Runes of the North will be there too and completing this will bring you a lot of prizes, including:
Holiday costumes:
Ice Mage,
Frozen Skeleton,
Nordic Seas Capitain
Unique smiley:

Frosty Penguin
Minions, great elixirs and many other valuable items
And there’s also good news for those who plan to stay on Irselnort, guarding their homelands. The raid quest “Fire in the Camps” will be available again, enjoy!
Snow Boundaries bosses

One of the most dangerous Snow Boundary trials - a battle with one of the 4 bosses. Available for players of level 11-14, 15-18, 19-22, and 23-26. Possible rewards are:
- Rare Snake costume
- Tickets for a ride
- Unity signs
- Minions
- Essences and catalysts
- Defense and attack spheres
...and lots of gold!

boss1.png  boss2.png  boss3.png  boss4.png

Note that completing daily quests for killing bosses will bring you Crimson Corundums!


There are
6 new dungeons in the Snow Boundary. The guards are strong, but you can use runes to obtain passage to the main dungeon boss. The reward will not disappoint!
shaman.png  shaman1.png
- Unique weapons of level 5, 10, 14, 18, 20 and 23 with “Rage" bonus
- New unique equipment (hands and legs) of level 6, 10, 14, 18, 20 and 22. With new powerful defensive bonus “Retribution” that returns part of the damage to the person attacking you.
- Unique belts of level 5, 10, 14, 18, 20 and 22
- Rare rings and amulets of Ice Queen and Aquilon of level 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 that increase damage to a certain percentage
- Tickets for a ride
- Catalysts and essences
- Attack and defense spheres
- Holiday elixirs
Completing daily quests for killing a dungeon boss will also bring you a new “Class” smiley!


In the depths of the Labyrinth you will find the main enemy and the source of all the chaos in the Snow Boundary – The Shamen “Raven”. This Shaman has perfectly mastered the art of moving into Astral, and when not there, his strength multiplies. To win, you have to return him to the real world, or your weapons will be ineffective. And watch out for his minions: Polar Bear, Snow Ice Fox or Crow, which enhance their master. They can also create a lot of pain themselves.

raven.png  raven1.png

Completing the daily quest for defeating the Raven will result in you receiving items from Raven's treasury, such as:
- Rare class weapons of level 23
- Costumes of Favony, Aquilon, Vulturn, Auster and Ice Queen
- Holiday Minions
- Great elixirs
...and other precious gifts, including Crimson Corrundums.

And the defeated Raven may also bring you:
- An amazing Raven costume!
- Tickets for a ride
- Unity signs
- Catalysts and essences
...and other fine items!

Snowy Bound Stash
The main Holiday intrigue – chests with special prizes in the Miracle Shop. Test your luck and find out what you'll get!

16 fantastic costumes!

The shiny and new:
King of the North/Queen of the North
Bone Lord
Ice Arena Goalkeeper

And some old favourites. Extremely popular and hand picked by the White Elder himself:
- Horrible Jack
- Teddy Bear
- Cookie
- Penguin
- Snow Maiden
- Nutcracker
- Ice Warrior's Armor
- Snow Queen
- Greench
- Snowman
- Reindeer Rudolf
- Snow Elf

17 stunning skins!
Brand new ones:
- Naktu Tribe's Mallet
- Naktu Tribe's Tomahawk
- Naktu Tribe's Gaff
- Naktu Tribe's Ice Ax
- Naktu Tribe's Staff
- Naktu Tribe's Bow
- Naktu Tribe's Arrowshooter
- Naktu Tribe's Timbrel

And classics:
- Ice Dagger
- Ice Battleaxe
- Ice Mace
- Ice Sword
- Ice Cleaver
- Ice Staff
- Ice Bow
- Ice Crossbow
- Ice Shield

Rarest Crystals and Runes:
- Crystal of Agility (gives "Cooldown" bonus)
- Retribution Rune (gives “Retribution” bonus)

Unique Holiday Minions:
- Summon Grinch
- Summon Snowman
- Summon Ice Queen

Great elixirs:
- Great Gladiator's elixir
- Great Unity elixir
- Great elixir of Knowledge
many other treasures and fortunes of gold!

Costumes vendors

This year Costumes vendors will provide you with fresh Borean fashion items and some old classics. Right from the fashion week:
- Sorcerer Naktu
- Spellweaver Naktu
- Witch Doctor Naktu
- Hunter Naktu
- Trapper Naktu
- Pathfinder Naktu

Smileys and haircuts
In the Miracle shop you will find our winter's special: Snow Barber's Kit and a Collection of Frosty Smileys. They’ll fit in with your winter mood and won’t grow old!

The holiday management have prepared loads of fireworks for you. You can create a beautiful display and also receive a lot of money!

Holiday skills
Two new holiday skills await you in this update: Throw a snowball and Snow Storm. Use them wisely and they will help you stun your enemies.

Snow Boundaries Achievements
Only in this Holiday period, you'll be able to receive 12 special achievements. An achievement is already a great reward, but you could also receive two special winter smileys.

This is it for now – more information to follow on the actual update day!
See you in the game!

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Rarest Crystals and Runes:

- Crystal of Agility (gives "Cooldown" bonus)

- Retribution Rune (gives “Retribution” bonus)



What does retribution rune do?


Gives % of the damage back. For example, you have 10% of it. You get 100 damage, the guy who hits you gets 10 damage back. Well, not 10, actually. It will be 10 minus his defence stats.


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How much percentage does the Raven chest have to drop? I mean if you do Raven killing quest, with one character you can get 32-3 chests during the holiday. In Miracle Shop chests drop rate is very low: 150-200 set chest can be required to get a drop. So?

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