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New cc gear, new Norlant Swamp rewards

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Since the game is evolving further, some items that were once powerful became standard, and some became even cheap junk. I think it is time for an adjustment of the CC store and the quest rewards the Norlant Swamps get.


CC is supposed to be a powerful and rare ressource but lately players just have so much of it and the things you can buy with it arent so good anymore. Additions to CC store would be really nice :) Maybe some weapons and special pots/scrolls or Signs of Imperishability


Norlant Swamps is a dangerous region that takes ages to fulfill the quests. And even high lvl chars arent safe there. It would be nice if the swamps would get some new quests or the rewards get a few higher lvl additions :)

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Signs for CC...that's like never going to happen.


But yes, the only armor and accessories that are aviable for CC are lvl15, there are

virtu/CC traders missing in ayvo.


Maybe a new CC costume set would be nice also, and I don't get

why the conspirator costume's name is purple.


I like swamps as they are, but, I don't like it being a pvp zone, some

may have issues with approaching mobs, not to mentoin full

amp players who are being idiots. Once when I was playing there

with my druid there were 2 mcs standing in a certain area waiting

for chosen/elves to appear.

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