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[2015.12.07] Promotion. The “Might of the Guilds”: 100th anniversary tournament!

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Hello, I have a question... Is it possible this Guild discounts to be a little bit longer? We expected it, but we were hoping it will be later. So now BlackPearL (US Saphire) needs 900 k gp, for up to lvl 5, for us that is impossible during this week. Please, make it longer or at least do discount again in the next few months. Thank you  :give_rose:

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Cool thing, but honestly top 3 rewards are too low compared to everything now...


Difference between rank #2 and rank #25 is 1 minion and 1200 crimson corundum. There is not so many things to use cc on, so it doesnt matter much as a reward anyways. Most top guild members have thousands of cc saved, and nothing to use them on. So that leaves the difference between #2 and #25, 1 elemental minion....


Is there a chance to somehow improve top 3 prizes? Maybe more chests or signs than others? Because this is a joke atm..

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I'm still waiting for the moment when devs realise that CC is so damn useless at the moment. Either change them or give them more worthiness. Even old gold and costume rewards would be more appreciated with the addition of new costumes.


P.S. what's the point of making the discount only for active skills?

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