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Bye helloween, welcome xmas :D

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Few weeks passed, many drops collected.

People doing dgs, spam for inv or pm.

Happy, sad, angry, mad, in lag disasters.

What you get from this event guys? XD


Say goodbye to vampirism rune, horror chest, and damage bonus accessories.

Say welcome to ice queen sets :)


Pict of last day event


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Got 4 drops, 3 drops at the beginning, 1 drop at the middle. But only 1 drop was valuable. In total i got around 160+45+25+60=290k :D


Aaand made around 6.2k tokens, traded them for Archmage skin and Pink Nurse costume + some witch potions

I guess 160k is wpn lv 23

290k, can you buy Red Death for me nestlya? :v


And I trade my token for archmage and ripper skin B)

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I'm going to do the Snowy Bound active I hope.

By the way, has anyone here got two Darkmist cloaks in a row (Me last year, 400k)? If yes, I'd like to congratulate him/her :good:


Is there Ruberius cloak in snow bound last year? Or some gears maybe?

I saw Ruberius cloak equipped by an old player (PDef, Magic Damage, Mana Regen, and Life Steal) that was awesome.


Two cloak of darkmist in a row, because devs love you noso. :blush:

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Buy lv15 Ice Amulet on Elf And lv14-18 Dmg Cloak or Craft one with Att Speed. PM Me ill pay alot  


Someone selling lv15 Ice Amu on Legion side, dmg cloak with attack speed is [Cloak of Shadow]

But, are you gonna level up that noob ranger Turtle? You better stay lv 14 :dirol: and kill dummies solo ;D


Hope all sellers look to your post ;)

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I have Grinchs cloak lv4 version and all the light armor for old snow events


2014 Snow event Ruberius Cloak.


You cant get it anymore


ah, i have stormbreakers staff and spear from old event..

Damn Ruberius cloak doesn't exist anymore

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