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Christmas desires (a poem by BTminBT)



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  1. 1. Do you want anything for Christmas?

    • Yess! (Awesome!)
    • No, I am a simple person with no desire for gifts. (Nah, that's impossible)
    • I haven't decided yet. (WHAAT?)

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Ho ho ho, It is Christmas time soon,

Gingerbread taste and cracker boom!

Gift boxes hiding under the tree,

Everyone's happy, and also me!

Snowmen waving in the garden,

Hope Santa gives to noone carbon,

Which is coal, but it doesn't rhyme,

Children throwing snowballs outside.

School holiday, I can sleep till late,

And then I can go to the breakfast table straight.

Muffins, cakes and hot chocolate,

Oh, too much sweet, this is my fate...

What do I want for Christmas this year?

I want a happy holiday with no tear,

Also some books, a phone and telescope,

What's your desire, you'll post it, I hope!

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Nice one! :good: :D

There's definitely something I wish but I should keep it for myself :) Otherwise it won't come true (It will never come true anyway :( ) Still hoping :lol:

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What Julie wishes is for me to propose to her, but that's not going to happen. With that being said anyone generous enough to donate to the make a wish foundation to get me a book of oblivion will also be helping find a cure for cancer. I thank you for your time and your donations. duck you sincerely. Anti.

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i want headphones and maybe a new tea cup (from my supercool big sis). the old one broke :(


but thats not that important, what exites me is the present im gonna make for my little sister :D

im going to make her a drawing book, she absolutely loves drawing and regularily comes to me and asks me to draw rainbow dash for her xD

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There is only one thing I desire.

While hearing the red & white snow's cry.


Gold doesn't interest me, good sire.

Even coins of miracle, if you try.


I've been on a rotten land for too long.

What I want is a wonderful song.


It doesn't come through strings nor drum.

Even a great bard can't match it's hum.


I desire a maiden's heart.

When will the songs of feelings start?


I pulled out a skull,

Attached with a bell..


I'm just a forsaken doll,

I shook the chimes of hell.


I'll never hear that song again.

To her, I can only stare.. 'til the end.

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