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Book equip for magers

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we all know magers use 2h for staff, but what if you can make magers use 1h for staff and the otherhand a book?

The book is only to hold 1 extra skill, like crystal of stun? or books with special skills? only to get by using the book to be equiped.


now magers will have 1h staff and a book in otherhand.


This book could be only for lvl 20+ for example.


or only for Warlock and Mage classes can use it? I mean they are inferior to healers.


What do you guys think about it?

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I'd like more a "wand" than a book.




so 1 hand a staff other hand a wand XD?? whats that harry potter mixed with lotr


wand can always be staff skin 

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Why not just wand 1handed weapon and offhand: 'books' for mages and warlock, 'symbol' for priest druid and shaman and skull for necro.


Stats of wand + offhand = staff.


This cound bring for players to decide how they look (or specific stats to force to more support class then dps).

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