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Easter eggs in Warspear Online

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Hello there!

I'm just curious if there are any Easter eggs hidden in the game. I have seen Easter eggs in lots of games, so I thought what if there are some in Warspear Online too? I don't need the exact eggs, just a hint if it worth to search for them or not.

(Easter eggs are small secret things, items, places or messages developers put in the game for fun. Nowadays most games have them.)


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Which are the references?


Go to any halloween boss you can get access to. Except joker, allthough maybe he is.


Some cc costumes, show predator from avp for example.

or the lvl 13 masks.


Open +10000 chests to see what kind of costumes we are having.

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True, Wally the Puppet from Saw, Sadara, Assassin Hoodie costumes, etc. I was always curious if WS doesn't have any copyright issues, since I think these characters and things are the property of someone else. What do you think about this? Roland, for example?

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On 11/11/2015 at 8:07 PM, Carpetlick said:

As im aware AIgrind doesn't have any other games and no outside affiliation other than the forum so there's nothing to really make an easter egg to.

love messages from Skylore were added to the questline this time, I'm curious to know what comes next )). I'd enjoy if both games made small references to each other like that, content dedicated to story lovers could surely give a cozy touch to it.

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