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[2015.10.29] Median Night Holiday. Joker’s Revenge. Release

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Dear friends!

Update Warspear online 5.2: Median Night Holiday. Joker’s Revenge will be available right after restarting our game servers! Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X and Linux device owners - get ready to join incredible joy of this Holiday which will last for the whole month!

You will find there jolly rides, unusual dungeons, unique weapons, accessories, costumes, decorative skins and minions, and, of course, new bosses, including legendary Joker! Full information about the most important features of this update - in our recent preview. And now - for something completely different!

Presents for everyone!

Everyone who join us on this Holiday will get great presents! Each active game character, starting from 5th level recieves Seeker’s Stamina Elixir and 10 tickets for a ride. May they help you!

Fixes and changes.

Black Jack is alive! Seek for him in Hidden Sanctuary to get flamboyant Pumpkinhead Jack costume!
Attacking objects on Arena are no longer disable your invisibility
Information loss during the item chat linking is no longer present
Cancellation of craft tasks is temporary disabled
Visual style of Steam Homunculus costume is enhanced
Hairstyle display of Sugar Plum Fairy and Holiday Girl Herald costumes is added

Due to the technical issues music is disabled. Again :(

IMPORTANT!!! Due to the Facebook policy all social network features (login, posting, bag expanding, etc) will only work on Android versions starting from 4.0.3.

Players that have Android version less then 4.0.3 and use Facebook to log in but didn’t connect their email must do this before downloading the new client, othervise it will be impossible for them to log in using Facebook.

P.S. By multiple demands - new Clown’s masks!

Please, pay attention, that clients for different platfroms may be released with a delay.

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I can assure you it won't be 100 000 maintainences :)


:D This is called poetical zooming, when you say something irreal to express yourself. (Poetical zooming? This is mirror-translating from Hungarian) Edited by BTminBT
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nice masks

arena fix is great


Im kind of worry from dung since you made normal tos hell I hope its its just a little tougher than last Halloween and ride hope they are fun especially solo since you have to collect powers up


new minons does they have expert skkills ? :blush:

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