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[2015.10.28] Preview: Median Night Holiday. Joker’s Revenge


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Warriors of Arinar!


We are heading the time of Median Night Holiday, and Horror Circus will be here this week! Everyone who likes a bit of fun, look for the Barkers in towns of Arinar to travel to the Festive Island!

This year you will get a lot of new things. Jolly rides, unusual dungeons, dangerous bosses, new surprise chests, unique weapons and accessories, holiday quests, haircuts, skills, costumes, achievements and what not!




This year's Circus will be special, for it will bring new amusement park to Arinar! Everyone who has gotten a ticket can test their luck and get precious points that will be exchanged for Good luck tokens.



Evil Pumpkins ride

Solo-ride. You will get into the forest filled with crazy bouncing pumpkins that you have to fight with. It may seem easy, but mind that all skills will be switched off, so you will have to fight them with your bear hands. Well, not exactly. You will still be able to collect different power ups, if you want to, but beware of the big bad Angry Pumpkin that will take them from you. The more pumpkins you defeat, the more points you eventually get!



Night Rider ride

Ride for one player or for a group. You will have to chase ghosts and huddle them to the magic crystal which will forever rest them in peace. They float fast and not every time in the direction you want them to, so use your best cowboy skills. And again: the more ghosts you catch, the more points you get!



Fire Place ride

Ride for a group. Fighting for a spot next to the fireplace will be your main goal in this ride. Protect it from monsters, and the longer the area around the fire will be free of them, the more points you will get. Work on your tactics, because you will have to fight hordes of enemies and elite leaders.




Good luck tokens can be exchanged for unique holiday items, so just hurry, because they will disappear, when the holiday is gone.

Good luck tokens can get you unique holiday items: rare costumes and skins and special goods, such as potions or minions that you’ve never seen before. And also some brand new costumes: Wolly the Puppet, Frizoskal and Runaway from the Looking-Glass.


Holiday quests


There are a lot of new quests along with classic ones. Pick the ones you like more!



Scrimmage in "Dead Man's Grin"

Cozy tavern in Horror Circus was never a calm place. If you like ferocious battles with the opposite alliance for a good reward - this is a place for you.

Whirl of Chaos

This time you can also fight the warriors from your own alliance. If you get some Chaos potion and you are above the 19th, then charge!

Impetuous fun

High level players, starting from the 19th level, can test themselves in hunting certain classes from the opposite alliance. Not an easy task indeed, because you are not only a prayer, but also a prey.

Fragile Thing, Handle with Care!

Holiday Island is filled with powerfull monsters keeping Pumpkin Shards. Gather them and exchange for precious items.


clown.png  pumpkins.png

Gold from the tent

If you are brave enough, try picking up as much Cursed coins as you can. There will be a lot of competitors, but also some pets to summon and distract them.

Boxes full of surprises

Clowns are not always funny, especially in Horror Circus. So try to avoid Evil Clown collecting clown's hats, he is quite vicious and he hates when you touch his stuff.

Sleep tight!

The scariest enemy is your fear, so not everyone will take a risk to enter the Haunted House. Check what is inside and you will be rewarded.






Deep dark forest hides some of the most precious treasures of Median Night Holiday, but they are guarded by terryfying enemies: Sadara, Night Ripper, Masked Maniac and Wedgehead Executioner. Take your friends and lead them to the battle, you can get great bounty!

- the rarest Clown’s masks of 14, 18, 22 and 24 levels

- ride tickets

- unity signs

- minions

- catalysts and essences

- attack and defence spheres

and fortunes of gold!




Dungeons of 6, 10, 14, 18, 22 and 26 levels are strongholds of Wolly Puppet who surrounded himself with multiple traps. If you will find the way through and defeat him, the treasure is yours!



- unique weapons of 5, 10, 14, 18, 21 and 23 levels with "stunning" bonus

- unique cloaks, rings and amulets of 5, 10, 14, 18, 20 and 22 levels with physical and magical power

- ride tickets

- catalysts and essences

- defence and attack spheres

- holiday potions


Dark rooms of Joker's Asylum is where the main villain of this holiday lives. Joker is ready to meet anyone who dares to fight him. If you win, you will get some amazing rewards. No jokes.




Completing daily quest “Joker and his Shadow” will bring you Joker’s treasury with great rewards:

- unique weapon of 23 level

- costumes

- unique minions

- great elixirs

and many other presents!

Defeating Joker can bring you:

- new Joker’s costume

- tickets for a ride

and dozens of other great prizes!

Horror Circus Cache

The main intrugue of any holiday in Arinar is the surprise chest. Test your luck and see what you get!

18 incredible costumes


Brand new!

- Nailhead

- Tattooed Prisoner

- Underworld Executioner

- Red Death

- Enraged Queen

- Masked Maniac

Good old classic


- Circus Scarecrow Costume

- Garden Scarecrow Costume

- Rotting Zombie Costume

- Venomous Zombie Costume

- Killer Clown Costume

- Pumpkinhead Jack

- Wedgehead Harvester

- Wedgehead Executioner

- Sorceress

- Vampire's Black Vestment

- Vampiress's Black Vestment

- Vampiress's Scarlet Vestment

16 unique decorative skins

- Bone Shiv

- Voodoo Cleaver

- Skull Crusher

- Spinal Chopper

- Spinebone Stave

- Cannibal's Bow

- Crimson Bonethrower

- Costal Shield


- Rondel of Bloody Reaping

- Chopper of Bloody Reaping

- Longsword of Bloody Reaping

- Partisan of Bloody Reaping

- Stick of Bloody Reaping

- Bow of Bloody Reaping

- Crossbow of Bloody Reaping

- Shield of Bloody Reaping

Rarest runes and crystals

- Crystal of stun

- Vampirism Rune

Holiday minions

- Summon Pumpkin Guard

- Summon Lycanthrope's Ghost

- Summon Young Witch

Great potions

- Gladiator's Great Elixir

- Great Elixir of Unity

- Great Elixir of Knowledge

And lots of other useful things, including gold!

Vendors costumes

Costume traders of Arinar always have something to offer for those who stack some Crimson Corundums. Time to suit up!


Demon Barber's Set with 5 male and female haircuts is waiting for you in the Miracle Shop. Hurry up!

Holiday skills

Everyone gets two speacial holiday skills. Use them wisely!

Pumpkin? Bomb!

Pumpkin is waiting for its hour to explode and hit everyone around. Please, don't try this at home.

Pumpkin rain

A true shower rain of pumpkins, throwing your rivars to the sides. Hold the ground!



Only during the holiday period you can get special achievements and prizes: Ghost Smiley and Witching Haircut. Don't miss your chance to became a part of Arinar history.

That is all for now, see you soon!


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When Halloween doesn't arrive fast enough: duck aigrind, worst company, greedy ducks, where halowen.

When the update is announced: Yay Aigrind, best company ever, you guys are awesome, HALOWEN!

Every year I'm waiting for these comments :rofl:

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