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To be honest I have never had a priest. It is a good character, but at the beginning you depend on other players, especially at boss fights. But I advice you to have one, since later you will be able to solo bosses and at dungeon a priest is always needed ;)

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I love priests, unfortunately, I am too lazy to lvl up my lvl10 priest, so I kept it for arena only... F*** laziness :cray: .


So back to topic, I think it does affect the moving character even though you use Armistice on, because Elusive Thread doesn't actually "deals" dmg, but drains HP and mana, just like Word Power for mana, but it does the same for HP. And btw, by using Armistice, you cannot TARGET the enemy, Thus, you can't also hit or use skills as well, but you can actually deal damage. How? If you use Armistice on one target and then Tears on another target, Tears might actually hit the first target that had Armistice too. So basically, it is not "you can't deal dmg" skill. Here I come to the end of my report. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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Druid/Shaman might be able to solo mini bosses since they don't resist stuns/blinds/roots.But priest has just armistice, which isn't nearly enough. 

Wait.... What do you mean by "mini bosses"? If you mean 80k HP ones, then let me tell you, no one can solo them except a good necro.

If you mean 14k HP ones, then ALL classes should be able to solo them.

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