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[2015.10.01] Game servers stop!

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Good evening everybody!

We want to inform you that our game servers will be stopped on 02/10/15 at 7:00 CET (for 1 hour) due to fixing some issues:

- issue with wrong elixir duration is fixed
- achievements "Assassin", "Utilizer" and "Enchanted mixture" are fixed
- equipped items can't be used in craft tasks anymore

Plaese, don't plan anything significant on the mentioned time, don't drink precious potions too.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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i have question, is new dg "tree" normal & ent bosses have bug ?

even we know the rightt way to do dg , we cant do it

also ent damn 20+ mobs hit 450 dmg " forget boss " all linked togather !!!!?? is there any hope for even 3 party for that :angry:

There ain't hope for 10 parties for that.
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 I like it dailies. Do restart everyday as many times as you can. Dailies, dailies . swamps, swamps. Norlant runes of shielding/evasion/healing/fortitude :crazy:and such rewards makes me laughing all the day.  :crazy:

Anyway reset servers everyday please.

As non miracle user I have only dailies to play with. hahahahahhhuhuhuhuhhehehehehhihihihihi :crazy:

free gaming for poor rat as me yaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooo

There not need to pay to play. I dying from 1-2 attacks of enemies and attacking them as mosquito but its free to play :crazy: . Restarts I like you. Be for me. :crazy:

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