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rep rewards

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First let me say, I'm not saying that this is reaaaally totally needed,

just a suggestion.


So, so far the only rewards for reputation gain is access to higher

tier dungeons, or the unlocking of new daily quests. In chainless

league you may purchase lvl15 stuff by gaining enough rep.

And yeah, there are achievements for gettin max rep at factions.



I have another reward for max rep in mind, costumes. yes yes.

But not just any costumes, no Wedgeheads or a Faceless costume

or mcoin costumes. The costumes you'd get would make you look

like a member of the faction you gained max rep at.


So, a Maliat Elf Armor suit, a Tlaloc costume and such, you get me.

Would encourage ppl more to complete each faction's rep,

and would be a nice collectible.


After reaching max rep you'd get the costume via mail.

(Like when something at the dealer you put in was sold etc.)



your opinions? :)

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