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Warspear trailer teaser (Repost)

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Hi Guys i got a great idea so about our game.


These past few years AIGRIND had done a lot of great job to improve the game, Made the ..

Graphics,Bosses,Maps,Equips,Etc. Even better and impressed us .


But one thing i'd like for Devs to improve now and make new one . .

The Game trailer video , as far is i know to have a great trailer video game has a great impact for online gamers who looks for MMORPG . .


As you all can see other online MMORPG there has a awesome Trailer teaser ..

Also one time i suggest to my friend to play Warspear so he searched it on Youtube , no offense but he told me that game looks lame and low graphic quality cause of he watched the old Game trailer teaser wich is made me sad.


So please AIGRIND creat a new game trailer teaser showing of our game all about massive pvp war , Different Popular Bosses Maps and DG etc. And you'l make us more proud .


Thanks for your attention . Hope Devs make this thing out to invite more people to Play Warspear.

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contest for the best trailer...I can already see all the Movie Maker Slideshows xDDDDD jk.


The game is mostly for mobile devices, and even bc of that,

still a lot of new players sign up daily.


No trailer really needed :) but still a good idea, some fresh

stuff is always nice, but not really necessary.

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